I’m currently hiding in a little used room off the downstairs hallway hoping my family don’t discover the location of my writing spot. They won’t expect me home for at least another hour and it’s liberating to be quiet.

However, not everyone can understand this. Our world is dominated by busy extroverts who enjoy speaking and being loud. Quite often they are well meaning people who want to see you happy and included in the group by frequently asking “are you ok?”… ”why are you so quiet? Has someone upset you?”

Which quite often leaves me wishing it was socially acceptable to scream.

“I’m an introvert. I think you’re a wonderful person and I like you. But now please shush!” (Rauch, 2003)

Ruach’s quote perfectly defines the introverts approach to socialising. I’m sat alone because I choose to be alone, not because I’m too afraid to come over and talk to you. No, it’s not an illness, it’s not depression nor is it a scream for attention.

“Solitude empowers me.”

That is the simple answer. Solitude matters to introverts as it gives us the time to formulate our thoughts and ideas as well as reflect upon events that have occurred. I understand, that for an extrovert, the need to be still is difficult to grasp. You come alive in social situations where you can be loud and talk with lots of people. It fuels your happiness and gives you energy, but that’s not me.

The Power Of Introverts

Today I was introduced to Susan Cain while reading an article on a blog called Two Girls And A Road. Susan gave a speech at TED titled “The Power Of Introverts”. Firstly I’d like to say that I’m a huge fan of TED and the great people they have on to speak. I’ll be posting articles on other video’s that I think are worth watching for creative types.

However, as the title of Susan’s talk suggests it’s all about introverts and why they are important to society. The best thing to do is to spend 17 minutes and watch the video. Susan is very easy to listen to and quite a charismatic speaker. I’ve included the video below:

Are you an introvert?