I've just discovered Synthwave.

Turns out it's something I've loved for a long time but didn't know what it was called.

What is Synthwave?

It's a genre of music that is influenced by the sounds of the 80s and 90s. Synthwave sprung up in the early 2000s.

Let's face it, who doesn't love 80s movies?

When Stranger Things was released it kickstarted a nostalgia trip in my circle of friends.

Other names

Retrowave and Futuresynth seem to be other collective terms. With Outrun, Dreamwave and Darkwave being different types.

Reddit user Zsokorad gives a pretty good example for each of the sub-genres.

My love of Synthwave

Hearing Daft Punk's 'Beyond' for the first time, sat in my Bro-in-laws car. That's the moment I embraced electronic music.

'Beyond' bridged my love of skilled musicians, funky music and then introduced me to Daft Punk's breed of electronic music. Which I later realised I'd listend to plenty of times before.

"But Daft Punk aint Synthwave" cry the hardcore.

Ok yep, sure - but that ain't the point. My point is 'Beyond' was the start of my conscious journey, backed up by the second half of 'Giorgio by Moroder'. I'm a big fan of funk (Earth, Wind and Fire!) and those two songs are FUNKY!

I'm now embracing Synthwave music.

Synthwave artists

These are the artists I've found so far.