Update 2019: How things change. It's 6 years since I finished University and wrote this article and a lot has changed. The dreams and ideas you have while at University don't always come to be, but that isn't a bad thing. I'm keeping this article published as a reminder for myself.

I’ve finally finished Universtiy!!! My final assignment has been handed in which was a great project to finish on as it was my final creative writing project. That is 6 Years of my academic life finally finished. So at the end of that time I will have:

-FdSc Computer Games Technology
-BA (hons) English with Creative Writing

I am looking forward to the graduation ceremony. Also now I’ll have the English degree to complement the Games Degree which sets me in a good position for writing video games and writing/studying Interactive Narratology. I’ll be posting up some narratology essays taken from my dissertation once I’ve graduated.

Come the summer you’ll see more of my writing once I’ve graduated as I’ll then be able to post all of my work on here. For the mean time I’ll provide you with a synopsis for the short story I’ve just written.

Mouse & Golem Synopsis

Mouse is determined to be the first rodent in the whole village to build a flying machine and escape the competition and mundane life of the other rodents. He is accompanied by Golem, a creature he created in a previous experiment who wants nothing more than to sleep and eat food , and Baron Baticus, the aristocratic Baron of the village who is already blessed with the gift of flight. Mouse is on the verge of a breakthrough which makes Golem a little nervous as he will be the one in the pilot seat, but will the machine fly?

So what else does this mean for me?

Well, I continue to work as a copywriter and creative for a local marketing and ISP. However, as far as my other things go there are a number of things on the brew.

My first ever attempt at writing a theatre script is being performed Sunday 6th and Monday 7th of May. I’ve had the great pleasure of working as part of the script team for a local theatre group who are putting on a Murder Mystery with a 4 Course Meal. I’ll post more on this next week once the production has been performed and hopefully I’ll be able to include some photo’s.

As I no longer have coursework to study for it means I will have more free time in the evenings so I have quite a few stories and articles I’d love to write. Also the Worldbuilding School is due to relaunch this Summer. I’ve been working on a new website design for it that is more fitting for a world building website and I’ll be writing a whole host of new articles for it as will some of my writing buddies. Also, this relaunch will see The Worldbuilding School come under the banner of my writing brand Pen9 Writing (2019: that hasn't happened. WBS is still it's own entity.)

No doubt there will be a whole host of new projects, stories and articles to write so I’ll post news, thoughts and other things up on website.

It’s an exciting time.