Content strategy is the plan behind the content you create.

It's goal is to unite business objectives with user needs.

A content strategist does this using many tools:

  • Data
  • Stories
  • Style, tone and voice guidelines
  • Editorial workflow

Content strategists are usually very good at structuring content, identifying content gaps and analysing how your content is performing.

They should have key understanding of:

  • Information architecture - meta data, taxonomies, hierarchical structure of content
  • Content ops - editorial calendars, content workflow, governance
  • SEO - how to rank web pages, identifying search opportunities, promotion
  • Technology - Content management systems, HTML, how the web works

Copywriting skills are a must.

When to hire a content strategist

  • When you don't know what content to create.
  • When you're producing lots of content but it isn't having much impact.
  • When your organic traffic is suffering even though your website is technically optimised.